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Our team of experts has been in the window treatment business for over four decades. We specialize in providing our customers with premium window enhancing solutions like films, shades, blinds and screens. We have consistently given our clients ecologically and environmentally sound window products that serve a variety of functions.

Our window treatments can allow your residential or commercial property to experience less solar heat. Window tinting, for example, will cut

down on the amount of energy that your air conditioning units require during the summer. The glare will be dramatically reduced as a bonus along with almost all of the damaging ultraviolet radiation that you are unwittingly exposing your employees or family members to. Our safety / security film can protect your home against break-ins and vandalism, while our privacy window film can protect your home and business from unwanted eyes. Our retail blinds will ensure that no one is able to view the contents of a retail location should you not want them to.

In addition to the obvious practical benefits of our window screen technology we also have many of our satisfied customers tell us that they have received a great many compliments on the new look of their office or home. The original style of the building however you will be amazed at what an effective transformation that our screens will make to your property.

SunScreen Window Treatment a Canadian owned company that provides only the highest quality residential and commercial window tinting, shades and blinds in the GTA. We began in 1972 using the Transparent Mylar Kool-Vue Shades along with liquid flow tint. From there we have always maintained our trailblazing spirit and stayed ahead of our competitors by utilizing the most modern window film equipment and methods the industry has to offer. This has even begun to include scientific advances such as nanotechnology.

If you are looking for a window tinting, shades or blinds solution for your home or business then we encourage you to contact a member of our team today to learn how our affordable and effective methods can help you.

Want to get a hold of us? Click the Live Help button to connect with our online receptionist.  They are standing by Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM (EST).