SunScreen Window Treatment is a GTA bases Canadian company. Since 1972 SunScreen involvement has been in the Transparent Mylar Kool-Vue Shades and liquid flow tint, shortly later the first generation of window film was introduced in the market, and SunScreen was one of the first Canadian companies to participate in marketing this new product. The demand for liquid flow tint starts to diminish and finally the solar film had superseded it in mid 70s.

As technology evolves, SunScreen has been the front runner to introduce these new and improved sun control window film, Security window film, and architectural graphic window film including the latest-state-of-the-art nanotechnology today. We also improved the window film installation techniques to an exceptional level.

In the 80s we added Sun-Veil Solar Window shades utilizing the Sheer-Weave shade fabrics brand name to our product line. Raising or lowering the shade can be manually operated or motorize and with remote control option systems. SunScreen carries Greenguard certified products, our merchandise is ecologically sound and is designed to control heat, fade, & glare. Provides full energy control, yet maintains a full view to the outside world. It is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals use etc.

SunScreen Window Treatments also carry a full line of vertical, horizontal, sheer Wrap, roller blinds etc.

Recently we added Graphic window shades and Pure ScreenT. Read about them in the Products & Services Section.

Our insistence on superior quality products, services and installations are the cornerstone of our company.

All of our products are backed by the SunScreen reputation for providing Quality window treatments designed to last year after year.

SunScreen is certified by Ontario Hydro in recognition of participation in the Commercial Window Film Saving by Design Program.

Since its inception in 1972, SunScreen has installed enormous number of windows with solar film, architectural graphic film, security film, window shades, and blinds in retail, industrial, commercial, residential and government buildings within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
A wealth of over 40 years experience.

We are dedicated to providing ecologically sound, environmentally friendly and clear energy conserving solutions to window problems, which reduces Solar Heat, Fade, Glare and 99% of the damaging Ultraviolet radiation, while enhancing, protecting and improving the appearance of your building, yet maintaining and enjoying the outside view.