What is solar film and how does it work?

Solar film is a self-adhesive film that is added to the interior of an existing glass. It can be easily applied to domestic and commercial buildings. Solar radiation from the sun is made from 3 components:visible light which enable us to see; infrared which enables us to feel; and ultraviolet rays which we are unable to feel or see but is a major factor in causing furnishings and fabrics to fade. As solar radiation strikes a glass installed with window film, the latter acts as a “filter” to block harmful UV rays and regulates the levels of heat and light passing through the glass.

Facts about solar heat rejection: Without Film: With Film Up to:
1/8” Clear Single glass only 14% 80%
1/8” Clear Dual-pane glass 24% 71%
1/8” Tinted single glass 30% 74%
1/8” Tinted dual-pane glass 40% 77%
1/8” Low E glass 34% 71%

SunScreen Window Film Provide up to 80% solar heat rejection.