Recently we added graphic window shades to our product line, whereYou can turn your window shade into full-colour art. You can accent your home, business, or storefront with fabulous, custom made, colourfull shade featuring your favorite photograph, image or massage.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are Graphic Window Shades? Graphic Shades are a specialty variation of roller shades. Using a sophisticated digital printer, SunScreen Window Treatments can print in full colour on our window shade vinyls and sheer weaves, almost anything you can imagine. The possibilities are broader than shades alone.

Who would be interested in Graphic Window Shades?

  • Business owners who want to actively get their message across 24/7, including in part, Retail Stores, Dentists or Doctors Offices, Bars and Restaurants,
  • Big Box Stores, Arenas, Car Dealerships, Chain Stores, Offices.
  • Individuals who want to show off their kids or their vacation photos in a unique way.
  • Interior Designers establishing a “look” for an office, home or business.
  • The list is endless.

What would I print?
Your logo, suppliers’ logos, advertising, special campaigns, a graphic image, even a solid colour. We can accurately reproduce the colours in their logo, show giant graphics of products you sell, or help set the mood in an office or home with pictures of outdoors.

How Long will My Graphic Window Shade Image last?
With proper care you can expect at least 5 years from your graphic shade without visible change. The UV protective treatment limits exposure to Ultra Violet light by as much as 99%. This treatment contains ultraviolet absorbers (UVA’s) and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) for the maximum in UV light protection. Although coloured pigments change with time and exposure to UV light and chemicals in the air, the pigments used for graphic shades combined with the “liquid laminate” will give you excellent longevity.

How do I place an order for Graphic Window Shades?
SunScreen Window Treatments will help you with your order. We can show you fabric samples, help with hardware selections and shade styles, help with image placement on the shade, then arrange to print your artwork. Because these blinds are custom and involve a degree of personal preference, we will carefully review your order with you making sure the image placement and colour are as you expect them.