Kool Vue Shades are transparent Mylar shades that are made to fit your window. They control solar heat, reduce fading, cut glare and save energy cost. Because they are not permanently bonded to the window, you control the heat, glare and fading during problem sun hours, then roll up the shades when full light is desired. They allow daytime privacy with complete one-way vision out to the street eliminating the closed in feelings of most opaque window coverings. Rooms stay bright. Shades are a significant advantage over window film, where the night vision out is often difficult. (Draperies insure night time privacy).

KOOL VUE SHADES are a lamination of metallized Mylar and dyed, UV treated Mylar for heat, glare and fade control. These layers are joined with heat and pressure to form a flexible and durable transparent shade material.

The metallized layer of KOOL VUE SHADES reflects solar energy. In summer, the shades reflect excess solar heat back through the glass providing instant relief from the sun’s intense heat, eliminating “hot spots” and providing balanced comfort throughout the room. In winter, the transparent layer of aluminum reflects back the room’s radiant heat that would be lost through windows. Our wide range of transparent colors meets any decorator requirement.

SunScreen Kool Vue Solar shading systems have been successfully used for over 37 years.