Pure Screen™ is manufacture with environmental protection and does not contain CFV or PVC. The porous polymer coating is without solvents and formaldehyde. It is available in fire retardant translucent white, cream or grey colours with a matching opaque option.

Certified under DIN EH ISO 14001; 2005 which certifies that both the final product and the complete company, every process, every resource used, even waste are environmentally friendly.

Ideal for long term care facilities, hospitals, hotels, restaurant, residential setting, and anywhere elevated levels of airborne irritants and chemicals exist.

In a testing room with a constantly evaporating formaldehyde gas source, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has been reduced by Pure Screen from 0.12 ppm to 0.04 ppm within 5 hours. 1 m² of Pure Screen™ can convert as much as 49mg of formaldehyde within the first 48 hours. This corresponds to an approximate evaporation of 24 kg plywood containing 0.002mg/g formaldehyde.

Catalytic reactions are permanent. The effective substance is not used up.

Nicotine, formaldehyde, acetic aldehyd, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetic acid, timthylamines and methyl mercaptan.

LIGHT PENETRATION: Translucent or opaque
COLOUR: Translucent white, beige, or grey with matching opaque option.

WARRANTY: 2 years