window film helps shield home furnishings from fading and deteriorating assault of the sun. In fact, the film blocks over 99% of the  damaging UV rays. So your color schemes stay true, and all of your   furnishings— from priceless antiques and artwork to cautiously selected floorings and luxurious draperies and upholstery—retain enviable strength and beauty for years, even generations to come. 

SunScreen takes climate control to unprecedented level and conserves   energy, by keeping radiant heat and air conditioning inside, while rejecting sun-generated “hot spots” and unwanted glare and reflection out. 
Really seems to sharpens the focus, while enhances the beauty  of  your office and  home.

SunScreen window films available in neutral looks and deferent densities and performances to meet your needs, have neutral effect in fact looks invisible to the naked eye. 

Windows with neutral 50 SunScreen window film by SunScreen Window Treatments of Canada