At SunScreen Canada we offer three makes of residential window shades:

Sunveil Solar Window Shades, Kool Vue Transparent Mylar Window Shades, andGraphic Window Shades All three makes of residential window shades are designed to:

  • Protect you from the sun’s glare
  • Protect you from the sun’s heat and eliminate hotspots in your home
  • Protect your interior furnishings from the fading effects of the sun’s intense ultraviolet radiation
  • Help to reduce your energy costs by keeping your residence cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Add elegance and beauty to your home.
  • Provide many years of easy, trouble-free service.

In addition, each make of window shade treatment has different advantages for you to choose from. Sunveil Woven Solar Window Shades are:

  • made of a woven material that adds warmth and texture to your rooms.
  • come in a range of oyster, beige, pearl grey, charcoal, and chestnut colours
  • come in severaldifferent styles and densities that permit you to decide exactly how much sunlight you want to keep out. As a rule of thumb, the darker the colour, the better the light and glare reduction qualities. Lighter colours are excellent for reflecting back heat.
  • Perfect for increasing your privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing inside (but still letting you enjoy your view!)
  • easy to wash and maintain with a little light dusting and plain soap and water.
  • available with manual or motorized opening and closing mechanisms.
  • available with optional fascias, valences or cassettes, to suit your tastes.
  • certified with the GREENGUARD Standard as a Low Emitting Product and so are environmentally friendly and will not compromise your family’s health. Kool Vue Transparent Mylar Residential Window Shades

This range combines many of the benefits of transparent window film with most of the advantages of traditional fabric window shades. However, unlike transparent window film, Kool Vue Mylar Window Shades remain detached from the window itself so you can choose to roll them up and down in front of your window when you choose.

Kool Vue Mylar Window residential window shades are made of multiple layers of dyed and metallized stretched polyester (Mylar) that is laminated together under intense heat and pressure to create a supple, lightweight material with unique heat resistant and reflective properties. Mylar has the great advantages that:

  • In summer, it reflects the sun’s intense ultra-violet rays, heat and glare back through the glass so keeping your internal temperature up to 15 degrees cooler.
  • In winter, it prevents the room’s internal heat from radiating out through the window glass, keeping the temperature warmer. By acting as a thermal regulator, Kool Vue Mylar Shades can help to eliminate hot spots, reduce your need for heating and air conditioning and so cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

You can choose between dyed Reflective Mylar that allows you to see out but prevents the outside world from looking in during daylight hours (available in a range of subtle shade tones), or fully transparent Mylar that permits two-way visibility.

With Kool Vue Mylar Window Shades they are still protecting up to 98% of the sun’s glare, 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet light and 92% of the sun’s heat, so the furnishing will remain in good condition for longer without fading.

Graphic residential window shades

Graphic Residential Window Shades are the perfect way to add a designer touch to your home’s appearance by allowing you to customize your window shade treatments with your own choice of artwork.

At SunScreen Canada we can print your choice of vinyl or fabric residential window shades with any design you like – even photographs, paintings, children’s drawings – the choice is yours. So you could recreate that perfect tropical beach scene inside your bedroom, or print your children’s favourite cartoon character on to the window shades in their room. Or make your dining room windows look like shelves of your favourite wine… let your imagine go wild and turn your window shade treatments into the murals of your choice.

Our digitally printed imagery is guaranteed not to fade or deteriorate for at least five years or longer.

Graphic residential window shades offer the same degree of protection from ultra-violet, heat and glare – but in a highly personalized way to suit your architectural style and décor.

For more information about our Graphic, Kool Vue or Sunveil Solar residential shade line, please contact our customer service team at SunScreen Canada.

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