• Our premium quality shade materials are matched with superior mechanical components to give you a shade built to last. Scrimping on quality and compromising performance just isn’t the SunScreen style.
  • SunScreen Shading Systems have been successfully used for over 40 years.
  • Easy to use – Easy to maintain.
  • Save on air conditioning cost – Save on heating cost.
  • Years of Trouble Free Service, easily cleaned with soft cloth or cellulose sponge.
  • Quickly repay initial investment.
  • Eliminates need for owning, no more torn or dirty owning.

SunScreen window film protects your home furnishings from fading and deteriorating assault of the sun. The film blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays so that your color schemes stay true and all of your furnishings— from priceless antiques and artwork to cautiously selected floorings and luxurious draperies and upholstery—retain their desired strength and beauty.