Care and Maintenance Instructions
For Sun Control Window Films
(Read Instructions Before Cleaning)

You may notice that your freshly installed window film has a dimpled, textured or “lumpy” appearance when looking at or through it. The film may have hazy, milky or clouded appearance. These conditions are temporary and normal parts of the drying process. During the curing period the lumpiness and/or cloudiness will slowly diminish and entirely vanish within two to eight weeks after film installation, depending on the film product, temperature, and humidity.

The glass with applied film shall be viewed at right angles to the glass from the room side at a distance of not less than 6 feet (2meters). Viewing shall be carried out in a natural daylight, not in a direct sunlight, and shall
assess the normal vision of area with the exception of a 2 inch( 50mm) wide band around the perimeter of the unit. A thin clear line of exposed glass area between the edge of the film and the window frame is essential in
order to allow for proper edge sealing.

Although we provide our utmost care to have the entire glass surface cleaned in the most professional manner, but due to the nature of the job site or frame condition, we cannot guaranty the particles of debris in design due to excessive wind or air flaw, construction debris, dust, hair or any other airborne elements that would adhere to glass during installation.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions and Procedures:

For best results, clean your window with a soft, clean, rubber squeegee or cotton cloth and common household-strength glass cleaner, such as Windex©, GlassPlus©, or silicone cleaner/polishing compounds
specifically made for window films. These later compounds are generally available through your dealer.
Follow label instructions for such products. Or…

Another Excellent and inexpensive window cleaner may be mixed and used as follows:

1.In a pint or quart spray bottle mix 1/2 part distilled or mineral free water, 1/2 part rubbing alcohol (isopropyl), and 3 drops of liquid dish detergent. Shake well.

2.Mist the window lightly and uniformly with your cleaner. Use a CLEAN, SOFT COTTON CLOTH (such as diaper or T-shirt) or SOFT PAPER TOWEL to gently stroke dry the window, turning the cloth/towel often. Pure rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth will quickly dissolve the heaviest smudges and greasy fingerprints. If smudges remain, re-spray the pane and use a soft rubber squeegee
to stroke dry the glass in horizontal passes, from top to bottom. Towel-dry the film borders.

3.Residual glue or adhesive from masking tape, scotch tape, or decals that have been applied to
(and removed from) the filmed window may be quickly and completely removed by gently stroking the affected area with a soft cotton cloth dabbed with pure ACETONE (nail polish remover). Acetone in small amounts is harmless to polyester films but immediately dissolves adhesives and most paints over spray, evaporating completely.

Warning: The above instructions are for interior application films. If your film is an exterior mounted film series, Please call for instructions.

    Never Use abrasive cleaner or bristle brushes for cleaning the film.
    Never Apply Masking, Scotch or Duck Tape on the film.
    Never Apply Christmas Snow or Other Decorative Foam on the film

Neither SunScreen nor the installing dealer can be responsible for damage that is the result of improper cleaning, physical impact, or abuse, nor glass breakage subsequent to installation from any cause.